High class treatments, high class care

We are committed to providing a level of veterinary healthcare and service that will enhance, strengthen and prolong the great times that you share with your pets. Our dedicated and talented team will always strive to give them the best possible care with their best interests at heart. We are proud to have been awarded the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ accreditation for maintaining the highest standard of veterinary care.

Family Friendly Feeling

Lots of our clients tell us their pet simply loves coming to visit at our vets near Cirencester. We think it’s a combination of our friendly staff, cosy reception and consulting rooms and plentiful supply of treats that are designed to make your visit to us as stress free as possible.

State of the art equipment and facilities

Our range of specialist equipment including 2 state of the art surgical operating theatres and a specially designed dental operating suite enable us to offer everything from routine neutering to orthopaedic surgery and stem cell treatments.

A full range of endoscopy equipment for minimally invasive investigations and surgery

We have a full range of cameras and kit to allow us to be able to look into pet’s gastrointestinal tracts, lungs, noses, joints, bladders, abdomens and much more. We are able to offer routine procedures such as keyhole spays right through to laparoscopic liver biopsies and minimally invasive stomach/intestinal biopsies so if you want to know if there’s a minimally invasive (keyhole) way to do your pet’s procedure, just ask us for more details.

Team of specialists behind us every step of the way

We have a team of veterinary specialists in multiple disciplines that we can consult with for individual advice on those tricky cases at no additional cost to you. A lot of our highly qualified staff also have European postgraduate certificates in areas such as surgery, cardiology, diagnostic imaging, medicine, feline medicine and emergency medicine and surgery.

Modern, safe anaesthesia with multimodal monitoring

We pride ourselves in having all the equipment you could possibly want to monitor your loved ones under anaesthesia (capnography, pulse oximetry, oesophageal stethoscopes, oesophageal temperature monitors, ECG, blood pressure monitoring) to make any anaesthetic as safe as we possibly can.

Preventative Health Care

We offer a range of preventative health care treatments from over the counter medications you can buy without being seen all the way through to our Cotswold VIP Club, which includes all the preventative healthcare treatments your pet needs over a 12 month period including vaccinations, prescription strength flea/tick/worm treatments, nail clipping and much more all wrapped up in a small monthly direct debit that you can find more out about by clicking the button below.

Cotswold VIP Club

In-House Laboratory

Whilst some vets need to send blood samples away for analysis, Cotswold Vets offer same day results from blood tests run in our in house laboratory. This means we can get to the bottom of the problem more quickly.
If we need to send samples to an outside laboratory (for very specialised tests), then we have a bespoke courier service to collect our samples every night for direct transport to the laboratory. This means we can get the results back to you as quickly as possible. Our vets will then call, email or text you the results allowing the appropriate treatments to start as soon as possible.

Digital Radiography

Speedier machine means less stress

Using digital radiography has streamlined the process of taking x-rays meaning your pet spends much less time under the anaesthetic and therefore recovers more quickly. We have both routine and dental digital radiography in dedicated facilities to enable the best diagnostic treatment possible.


We offer all sorts of ultrasonography from abdominal scans to check your pets internal organs right through to heart scans. This non-invasive, painless procedure can sometimes be performed with your pet conscious, which means we can get safe and speedy results.

Out of hours care

Our out of hours care is provided by a dedicated RCVS accredited emergency and critical care Vets Now hospital in North Swindon. They have emergency blood supplies, adder anti-venom and many other specialised facilities to cope with your beloved pet in times of trouble. For more details regarding costs and transfer arrangements, please see our terms and conditions and for directions and contact details, please go to https://www.vets-now.com/services/hospitals/pet-emergency-hospital-swindon/ or call 01793 603810. In circumstances where patients remain on the premises overnight by mutual agreement, they will be checked at closing time, but not again until opening on the next working day.