ben gamsa

Ben Gamsa

BVM&S GPCert(SAS) MRCVS (Head Veterinary Surgeon and Director)

Ben qualified from the University of Edinburgh in 2008 and spent four years working in Oxfordshire at a Small Animal Veterinary Hospital. He was awarded a European Postgraduate Certificate in Small Animal Surgery in 2011. He particularly enjoys orthopaedics with his current interest area being implanting 3D printed titanium cages in dogs’ knees for the treatment of cranial cruicate ligament disease (TTA Rapid Surgery). He also enjoys soft tissue surgery, ophthalmology, treating parrots and is currently working towards a European Postgraduate Certificate in Endoscopy and Endosurgery. He has a rescue cat called Alfie who loves to play (he was taken on as a kitten after a dog attack and had his broken leg fixed by Ben) and is now an accomplished mouse catcher! He also has a cocker spaniel called Poppy who loves chasing the cats.

As many of you know, Ben and Anna have had a baby in April 2016 called Molly. She loves all the animals and is a frequent visitor of Cotswold Wildlife Park and Roves Farm!

Ben enjoys cycling, running, travelling, snowboarding, wakeboarding and photography. He completed the London Marathon in 2005 raising an impressive £2500 for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Ben’s secret talent is that he’s a dab hand with a saxophone!

anna gamsa

Anna Gamsa

BVetMed MRCVS (Head Veterinary Surgeon and Director)

Anna qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 2005. She spent eight years working in Oxfordshire at a small animal veterinary hospital where she developed her keen interest in Soft Tissue Surgery. Anna has spent time working in Australia and in a charity clinic in Rarotonga, where she taught veterinary students surgical and medical skills whilst treating a whole range of animals on the island.
Outside of her vet life, Anna enjoys walking her cocker spaniel Poppy and swimming. She also has a white rescue cat called Reggie who is a little scared of his own shadow, but is a real treasure at heart and loves cuddles. Anna plays the violin and piano, although time for these hobbies has understandably diminished since having a family.
Anna’s secret talent is that she is a qualified lifeguard!


Caroline Cutler

BSc(Hons) BVSc(Hons) MRCVS (Veterinary Surgeon)

Caroline qualified from the University of Bristol in 2009 after completing her Veterinary Science degree and a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. She initially worked in a mixed practice in the Cotswolds before deciding to focus on purely small animal work and so undertook an internship at a referral practice in Swindon. Caroline joined Cotswold Vets in December 2015 after several years working as a locum in the local area. Caroline especially enjoys Cardiology as well as treating emergency and critical care patients. Caroline is currently studying for a European Postgraduate Certificate in Cardiology and particularly enjoys doing heart scanning to monitor all types of heart disease.

Outside of work, she enjoys walking and playing with her latest addition to the family, Kizzy who she recently rescued.


Nicola Lukins

BVetMed BSc(Hons) MRCVS (Veterinary Surgeon)

Nicola qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 2013 after completing a zoology degree in Nottingham. She decided to move back to where she grew up in order to join Cotswold Vets in 2016, having previously worked in small animal practices in Bath and Worcestershire. She enjoys all areas of small animal practice but has a particular interest in dentistry and is looking to pursue further post graduate training in this area. Nicola is really excited about our new dental radiography equipment that allows us to pick up and treat dental disease in pets much earlier!

Outside of work, Nicola enjoys going to music gigs and exploring the countryside with her camera in an attempt to capture the local wildlife. She has 2 rescue cats called Duma and Loki that keep her on her toes!

Nicola’s secret talent is that she plays the drums and enjoys performing in gigs with her band.

Clemmie Willmore

BvetMed GPCert(EM&S) MRCVS (Veterinary Surgeon)

Clemmie qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 2008, since then she has worked in several small animal practices also as an emergency vet at a veterinary hospital. In 2010 she obtained the general practice certificate in emergency medicine and surgery after a year of postgraduate study.
Clemmie particularly enjoys the challenge of complex medicine cases and looking after our in patients.

At home her house is ruled by her 3 rescue cats Dave, George and Basil and shared with her son Teddy and husband Simon. Clemmie enjoys horse riding and cooking.’

Ashlea Wakeford

BVM&S GPCert(SAM) GPCert(DI) MRCVS (Veterinary Surgeon)

Ashlea qualified from the University of Edinburgh in 2004. She spent four years working in County Durham then moved south, working first in Cheltenham and then Oxfordshire before joining Cotswold Vets in July 2017. She has two European Postgraduate Certificates: one in Small Animal Medicine, which was completed in 2009 and one in Diagnostic Imaging, which was completed in 2017. She particularly enjoys the client interactions that go hand in hand with ongoing medical care in small animals.

Ashlea has two scruffy terriers, an ancient crossbreed named Molly and a border terrier called Tess. She also keeps tropical fish and in her spare time sings in a local choir.

samantha tuck

Sam Perkins

NCert(A&CC) RVN (Head Veterinary Nurse)

Sam qualified from Hartpury College in 2009 and has gone on to complete a certificate in anaesthesia and critical care in 2013. She is extremely talented in this area so you can be confident that your beloved pet is in safe hands. She has a lot of geographical roots to the local area and has worked in a couple of local practices before joining the team at Cotswold Vets. Sam has a Labrador (Purdey), a Staffie (Dilly) and a cat called Dave. Sam has recently had a year off on Maternity leave with her son, Oliver, but is now back with us.

Sam enjoys DIY and exploring the countryside in her spare time.

Sam’s secret talent is that she is very skilled at making furniture!’

Abby Wharton

(Student Veterinary Nurse)

Abby studied at Hartpury College for a diploma in Animal Management, completing this in 2013. She has grown up around animals and from hamsters to horses and dogs to cows, Abby has probably owned one! Currently, she has 5 pet cows (Fluffy, Harriet, Gretel and Grace), 4 pet sheep (Ethel, Sybil, Dorothy and Martha) a dog (Doug) and a cat (Mowgli).

She is half way through a 3 year
Veterinary Nursing course at Hartpury and pursuing her dream of being a Registered Veterinary Nurse.

In her spare time, Abby spends a lot of time on her farm, slowly growing her mini herd.

Abby’s secret talent is that she makes scrumptious cakes.

Devon Kilminster

RVN (Veterinary Nurse)

Devon previous worked at a small practice for three years and then qualified from Moreton Morrell College, Warwickshire in 2015 and joined Cotswold Vets in August that year. She has grown up with a variety of animals, little and large. She shares her love and time with her rescue dog, Arya, a German Shepherd cross Greyhound. She is hoping to start Agility with her soon. She is interested in exotic animals, anaesthesia, pet behaviour and surgical nursing.

Devon enjoys exploring country and seaside walks with her dog as well as travelling, cooking, DIY, fun runs (Bupa London 10k), keeping fit and music gigs.

Devon’s secret talent is home renovation.


Jen Walsh

BA(Hons) RVN (Head Veterinary Nurse)

Jen qualified from Abbeydale Vetlink in 2013 and has spent the last 6 years working at a busy small animal hospital in Swindon. Having recently moved to Cirencester, Jen has joined us as Head Nurse whilst Sam is away on maternity leave. Jen is really interested in small animal medicine as well as dog behaviour. She has always had dogs as pets, plus a whole host of small furries and she is a self confessed puppy-addict! She loves walking and hanging out with her two dogs Che and Lola.

Jen is an out and out adrenalin junkie, spending most of her free time downhill mountain biking. She also enjoys skiing, snowboarding, baking (and eating!) cakes, going on holidays and watching films.

Jen’s secret talent is that she is a qualified water ski instructor.


Laura Jenkins

Bsc(Hons) RVN (Veterinary Nurse)

Laura graduated from the University of Bristol in 2005 with an honours degree in veterinary health studies and she went on to complete her Registered Veterinary Nurse training at a small animal hospital in Wiltshire. Laura has worked in a variety of settings, including first opinion and referral practice and she has a keen interest in developing nurse consultations and training within clinical practice.

Laura enjoys sunny dog walks with her Hovawart called Thunder and her Springer Spaniel puppy, Prim. She also has two guinea pigs called Stevie and Wonder.

Laura’s secret talent is that she is an international selling canine artist!

Kirsty Milton

NCert(Anaesth) RVN (Veterinary Nurse)

Kirsty qualified in 2010, but has only ever done veterinary nursing straight out of school as it’s all she wanted to do. She particularly enjoys emergency work, has a daughter called Olivia and with the very little spare time she has, she loves riding her horse Bee, running, baking and walking chutney the Labrador. She is particularly interested in Anaesthesia (in which she has a certificate) and is working towards a certificate in Emergency and Critical Care.

Her secret hobby is that she is crazy about chickens!


Fliss Welch

(Student Veterinary Nurse)

Fliss works full time at an equine referral hospital and so works with us on alternate Saturdays in order to develop her companion animals skills. She is half way through her nurse training at Hartpury College. She usually spends her free time running around after her Labrador (Hudson), cat (Nemo) and two ponies (Scooby and Mali).

Fliss also enjoys swimming, riding and playing the guitar!