Comprehensive Facilities with a Friendly Touch

We are extremely proud of the range and quality of the facilities on offer from our practice near Cirencester. From the consulting rooms to our state of the art surgical and diagnostic equipment, you’ll benefit from the convenience of having all the small animal veterinary facilities you need under one roof at Cotswold Vets.

High Class Treatments, High Class Care

We know that the thought of putting your pet through surgery, blood tests or hospitalisation can be scary but at Cotswold Vets we aim to guide you through all the options in a calm, comfortable and caring environment.

Our reception area has a homely feel, where you will find our specially selected range of healthcare products, which are always sold with professional advice and guidance.

Family Friendly Feeling

Lots of our clients tell us their pet simply loves coming to visit at our vets near Cirencester. We think it’s a combination of our friendly staff, cosy reception and consulting rooms and plentiful supply of treats that are designed to make your visit to us as stress free as possible.

Consulting Rooms

Bright and cheery consultation rooms

We have two spacious consulting rooms, both with lots of natural daylight and plenty of room to allow our vets to perform a complete examination.

When you book a consultation you’ll get a full 15-minutes with our vets, which means you will have plenty of time to tell us all of your concerns and for us to talk through the options. We also work hard to ensure you can see the same vet when you come to our surgery (please make it clear on the telephone if you have a preference as to who you would like to see – we will not be offended we promise).

Operating Theatre

State of the art Operating Theatre

We have a dedicated sterile operating theatre, which means most procedures can be carried out by our skilled vets on site. Throughout the surgery, all the paint is anti MRSA, all the ceiling tiles have biocide in them and our Operating Theatre is wipe clean from the ceiling down. By staying in familiar surroundings and minimising the chance of infection, it reduces stress for both you and your pet and maximises the chance of your pet making an uneventful recovery.

Modern, safe anaesthesia with multimodal monitoring

We pride ourselves in having all the equipment you could possibly want to monitor your loved one under anaesthesia (capnography, pulse oximetry, oesophageal stethoscopes, oesophageal temperature monitors, ECG and best of all our head nurse Sam, who has a nursing Certificate in Anaesthesia and Critical Care).


A full suite of pet dentistry equipment

We have the latest equipment from ultrasonic de-scalers to drills and polishing equipment so that we can offer a full range of routine dental procedures on site at our Cirencester practice.

Your pet may need dental treatment

Did you know a staggering 80 percent of pets over the age of three years old have dental disease. Why not book a nurse consultation to check your pet’s teeth?

Preventative Health Care

We offer a range of preventative health care treatments from over the counter medications you can buy without being seen all the way through to our premium Pet Health Plans, which include all the treatments your pet needs over a 12 month period including vaccinations, flea and ectoparasite treatment, worming as well as lots of other benefits. The Pet Health Plans offer a 10% discount compared to buying the medications as you go and also offer the convenience of paying monthly by direct debit.

In-House Laboratory

Whilst some vets need to send blood samples away for analysis, Cotswold Vets offer same day results from blood tests run in our in house laboratory. This means we can get to the bottom of the problem more quickly.

Specialised laboratory tests

If we need to send samples to an outside laboratory (for very specialised tests), then we have a bespoke courier service to collect our samples every night for direct transport to the laboratory. This means we can get the results back to you as quickly as possible. Our vets will then call, email or text you the results allowing the appropriate treatments to start as soon as possible.

Digital Radiography

Speedier machine means less stress

Using digital radiography has speeded up the process of taking x-rays meaning your pet spends much less time under the anaesthetic and therefore recover more quickly.

BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme

We also offer very competitive pricing for BVA/KC hip and elbow scoring for appropriate breeds of dog. Get in touch if you would like to know more.


We can use our ultrasound machine for pregnancy diagnosis and examining the internal organs in greater detail. This non-invasive, painless procedure can sometimes be performed with your pet conscious, which means we can get safe and speedy results.

Customer Facilities

We look after the owners too!

As we are a family run practice, we never forget a trip to the vet may involve the whole family. With this in mind we provide facilities to keep all the family as comfortable as possible. A smart waiting room and spotless customer toilets with baby changing facilities. If you are waiting for blood results or other procedures to be completed, our friendly nurses will pop the kettle on and make you a quick cuppa. And of course you’re always welcome to pop in to see the nurses for an informal chat about the nursing clinic services they offer or any health concerns you have about your pet.